My body isn't behaving .... but I suppose I am learning more about myself !!!!

Friday, July 17, 2015

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Life can definitely be a little hard on you sometimes .... I am so a glass half full kind of girl.  I try to see the positives but for the last 7 weeks my body has not been how is should be and it was like a switch one day I was healthy and the next day not so much... I am not going to bore you with whats going on but it has been HARD !!!! I've worked out that I am terrible, I mean terrible at resting, taking care of myself or even putting myself first.  I am independent and quiet driven but I am definitely an everyone else comes first type of person.   Anyway, I am hopeful that one day soon I will wake and my body will say this is enough of this rubbish but for now.... I am TRYING to be good and rest.
It is about 5 degrees outside so I am snuggled in bed just about to watch a little Anne of Green Gables... I might need to get a little help to get my business back on track but hopefully it won't be too far away.   I update my instagram feed most days so please drop by and follow me.  I would love that.
“Some people go through life trying to find out what the world holds for them only to find out too late that it's what they bring to the world that really counts.” 
- L M Montgomery - anne of green gables

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  1. Oh Cathy,
    I hear you honey...It's hard to stop when it doesn't come naturally.
    One gift that I have learnt this year, is to stop when it's needed, the home's we love are looked after, at these times, by those we share them with- not quite in our way...but as close as they can manage...
    And the intentions are all from the same place.
    Please learn that small gift, that allows your body great leaps in recovering and becoming well and strong again.
    Thinking of you...xox

    Melissa {Miss Sew & So}


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