October - moving forward, creating once more ...

Friday, October 09, 2015

I was thinking today how very lucky I am to be able to create, to be able to do something with my heart that hopefully touches someone else's in some way or form.  I love finding pretty sayings to make the collage that I put on instagram and facebook, usually they have some meaning to where I am in that moment in time or where I would like to be...  I absolutely adore taking photos and to be totally honest I have no technical skills but I know what I like and that is what you see.  Making my little inspirations in glass really holds a magical place in my heart for a few reasons, meeting extraordinary people and their stories.... One of my first ever custom orders was for a girl whose sister had just lost a baby... they found me through an advertisement in Country Style magazine and I remember crying {the dad had written this gorgeous verse for baby Remy} while I made this ornament that they could hang on there tree each Christmas as just a tiny reminder of this beautiful little soul that they had lost.  It was such a privilege.   I have some days where I think I have been doing this for so long should I try something new and then someone asks me to do something special for them {one to wrap around there wedding bouquet, babies names and dates, anniversaries, special birthdays, special travel and so much more} and I know that is why I continue to do it.  So on this pretty Spring afternoon in my little railway cottage I feel pretty content and blessed to be doing what I love.
To live with purpose, to say the courageous thing, to celebrate the simple gift, to follow your dreams.  This is a happy life. - wayland henry

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  1. Cathy, thank you for all the beautiful inspirations in glass creations that you have created for me over the years or that I have bought from your shop. Your photographic images are out of this world and you don't need any technical skills whatsoever as you see beauty in everything and the inner talent to capture it all ! Love all that you do xx

    1. Thank you very much my beautiful friend you are such an incredible support xx

  2. It's nice to see a post from you :) It everything ok with you ? I hope so !


    1. Hi sweet Anci
      I have had some issues with my health this year which has slowed me down a little but I am doing pretty well thank you. So lovely to hear from you. Much love xx


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