a beautiful birthday week ahead - 10 little gifts....

Monday, August 06, 2012

Well it is nearly my hazel eyed girls 19th birthday... and as this is her last year at home it is even more special to us both...If you haven't followed by blog I have a bit of tradition with the kids....Firstly, we sort of celebrate their birthdays for a few days before because I give them little gifts for how old they are turning so this year Kirstie gets 10 little gifts (1 + 9)... So she actually got her first gift on Saturday a sweet little journal with one of  her  favourite sayings inside the cover...She is a bit of journal girl like her mum... Andrew and I sit on her bed and she opens them there...I write a little clue on tags and attach them to her gifts and she tries to guess....We love this time together......
“...you are my rainbow to keep. My eyes will always be watching you; never will I lose sight of you.” 
― vesna bailey

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  1. What a beautiful Birthday week, Kirstie has to look forward to! How special it will be this year being the last one at home with you. Treasure every moment. You have one beautiful family Cathy xxx

  2. They grow up so fast don't they.My daughter will be 13 in a few months.Hard to believe.And every year she get's older so do I :-( .
    Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter!Your gift tradition is a sweet one!

  3. What a gorgeous idea Cathy... the addition of those gifts to celebrate... you are so thoughtful and creative.. what a lucky girl Kirstie is.. as are you...xv

  4. It's a wonderful idea ! I can almost feel the love in your family and it makes me smile :)


  5. My name is Vesna Bailey and I am the author of Notes To My Daughter - Before You Go, the book where you found the quote you chose. Wow, what an honor to be included in such a loving and heartwarming family tradition, thank-you so much. I am just seeing your note now, 2 years later !! Happy Belated Birthday to Kirstie!!


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