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Collaborations - Karen Miles - French Consul

It is a blessing to come across like minded people whether in person or through this crazy, beautiful world of social media.  I remember reading how Karen had sadly lost her dad, flew to Paris {which changed everything for her} then returned home and launched her label French Consul.  Something about her story and the fact that every time she played music on her instagram stories it was Clare Bowen {one of my all time favourites}, I felt a tug in my heart to reach out to her.  I am definitely of the mindset you need to ask the question as what is the worst that can happen so I asked and thankfully for me she said yes.  I stitched one of her divine cushion covers with the words "she dreams in perfect french" {one of her favourite quotes} and that is how this collaboration started.  Our minds are buzzing with heaps more exciting projects for our future and I can't wait.
I think it so lovely to learn a little more about the person behind the label so I asked her a few fun …

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